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Why LeadsWallet

Capitalize all your business cards

All of us collect business cards from our prospective customers during field sales or at events & expo. We make notes on the back of the business cards and it stops there.

Business cards information, on the other hand, need to be quickly made accessible to you and your team. Business Card data is powerful, if used timely and hence business cards information need to be actionable.

LeadsWallet helps you to cultivate leads from each of your valuable business cards by accurate data transcription and providing you with actionable information through HelloLeads. All that you need to do is scan your business cards using HelloLeads mobile app and leave the rest to us.

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Use HelloLeads To Get Lead Data Transcribed From The Captured Business Card

Access from Anywhere using HelloLeads

You can now access all your business card data from your HelloLeads account. You can also give access to all your team members in sales and marketing.

4 things you can do with your business cards immediately

  • Convert business cards into sharable and actionable digital data
  • Qualify your leads by adding notes, interest and customer groups
  • Improve lead response by sending a quick acknowledgment e-mail to the leads or SMS
  • Export the lead data or business card data as CSV or XL and do more with it

LeadsWallet Features

Business card transcriptions. 100% Guaranteed Quality. Service that you will love.

Business card transcription

Transcribe contact information from business cards into your HelloLeads account

Proof reading

Proof read the contact data for the highest level of accuracy. Guaranteed accuracy levels

Lead research

Get deeper insights on your leads with linked in and other social media / web research

How it works

Subscribe to HelloLeads
Download And Register In HelloLeads

Register a new account in HelloLeads through Web/ Mobile app.

Web App Mobile App

Capture Biz Cards using mobile app
Scan Business Card Using HelloLeads

In HelloLeads mobile app, capture the business card of your lead – through ‘Add business card’ option.

Login to LeadsWallet
LeadsWallet Login Using HelloLeads Credentials

Login to the LeadsWallet web app with your HelloLeads account credentials.


Transcribe & Proof read - LeadsWallet
Accurate Lead Info, Automatic And Human-Powered Business Card Transcription

In your LeadsWallet account, perform the below actions from the capture Business card:

  • Transcribe
  • Proof read
  • Lead research
Get your lead data in HelloLeads
Transcribed Business Card Data Using LeadsWallet View Them In HelloLeads

Login to your HelloLeads account to get your lead data, transcribed from the captured Business card.

Use HelloLeads to engage with your leads
Follow-Up Leads Using HelloLeads

With the lead data transcribed in your HelloLeads account, assign them to one of your colleagues for further follow-up and convert the leads into customers.


Features 25 records per account 26-1000 records 1001-10,000 records 10,001-50,000 records 50,001-1,00,000 records 1,00,001 and more records
Business card transcription & proof reading – LeadsWallet Free $ 0.100 per record $ 0.090 per record $ 0.080 per record $ 0.075 per record $ 0.070 per record
Value added lead info / lead research – LeadsWallet Free $ 0.100 per record $ 0.090 per record $ 0.080 per record $ 0.075 per record $ 0.070 per record
Value added info includes
  • Brief description of the organization researched from web (5-6 lines)
  • Brief description of the contact or lead researched from web (5-6 lines)
  • Linked-in link for the contact or lead


No, you can directly use HelloLeads Mobile app to scan the business cards.

Yes, you can export the data from HelloLeads Web/ Mobile app to import to other CRM solutions

Yes, Register now with HelloLeads and get 25 free business card transcription.

We use OCR for initial transcription and Manual proof reading for high data accuracy.

All the lead information available in the Business cards is captured.

Proof reading done my human experts give you 100% data accuracy.

Currently we support English and we are planning to support more languages soon.

Valuable information will be captured for your future reference.

One of our key objective is to provide you complete data security and information security. Please refer our Data Security Guidelines.

Yes, you can export the data as CSV from your HelloLeads account.

Please refer pricing.

LeadsWallet is a service provided by HelloLeads for the business card transcription service.

We are here to support you at any time

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